Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Family

We have been so busy this year.

In February we welcomed a new little marvel into our family, Arthur Ross. He has been such a pleasure to have around. His smiles light up the day and his little toes... well I can`t say I`ve ever seen such precious things!

I can`t wait to have another little child, next time I will have a midwife and give birth at home. The hospital here is quite scary. It was filthy, they didn`t have enough beds for everyone, the nurses didn`t know anything and tried to strap me down. Everyone kept trying to coerce me into taking medication. I am so grateful for my husband and mother, who strengthened me and helped me to remember my wish of a natural birth.

After all that headache little Arthur was born sans medication and we went home before 24 hours were up. Phew.

Despite all the confusion, giving birth was seriously one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I am so excited to be a mother. I am so happy that I can help this young boy turn into who he`s going to be! We love reading together, and he loves to be outside with me, hollering at the chickens!

Lately we have been enjoying bananas, butternut squash, peas and carrots, and hollering. Next month we will be able to butcher a few rabbits, just in time for little Arthur to start eating meat!

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