Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Egg Salad Wrap

Lately I have been enjoying an egg salad wrap for breakfast. I believe that the raw beets and feta cheese are what makes this breakfast so great!

-2 scrambled eggs, fried in coconut oil, with lots of fresh dill.
-Use lasts nights salad, to make this easy.
-fresh spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, beets, radishes, mushrooms, peppers, sprouts, zucchini, and any other veggie you'd like.
Place a bit of salad on a pita, or wrap, and then put the eggs on top. Dose with 1-2 Tbsp Mediterranean greek dressing, and sprinkle braggs sea kelp delight seasonings, fresh ground pepper, and sea salt on top.
Wrap it up, and eat it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: Rainshine designs stay-dry night-time fitted diaper

Four washes, that's all it took. We are as of a week ago in dry bed heaven!

We were having a really hard time to find a good night-time option for my son. He has always been very hydrated... and can wet through a triple stuffed (with hemp, and zorb/bamboo inserts) pocket in an hour at times during the day. Needless to say, although he was able to sleep through the night, we still needed to wake him to change his diaper unless we wanted to be soaked by morning!

I began searching for a night-time option. Since I already knew of rainshine designs, and knew that Megan's diapers are always a delight to see and also use, I decided to try her new stay-dry night-time fitted. I am not disappointed!

When I received the package I was so excited that I ripped it open before I got home. (I would insert a picture here but my camera doesn't upload pictures instantly. I am going to buy a new camera soon, and will post pictures of the diaper then!) I got the fitted with rainbow colored snaps, in a medium-long size, which fits like a dream on my long-ish son! (and has lots of room to grow!)

I prepped the diaper, and put it on my son when it was time for bed. I used a one-size blueberry coverall with applix to cover.

So, 3am rolled around, and I was surprised that Arthur hadn't woken up yet, I felt his pajamas and they were dry! So, I didn't change him, we rolled over and slept in to a late 6am. What a nice morning, no leaks!
But, not only were there no leaks, but the outside of this wonderful stay-dry night-time fitted diaper was barely damp. I couldn't believe my luck!

I give this fitted five stars. I don't believe that anything could have worked better for us, and now I will have to purchase more, so that I don't have to wash this one quite so often! I think this diaper is well worth it's $28.00 price tag. I can't wait to try it with a wool cover!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little Taste of Winter

It is just way too hot today. I needed a reminder that yes, winter will come again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Rabbits!

This is Darth! He is the proud father of six new baby rabbits! They are still little, so we aren't bothering them until Mama rabbit (Hoolaroo) is comfortable. She is a good mama, as long as we give her the 8x8 chicken tractor to mother in. We don't bother her very much at this stage, she needs plenty of food and water and lots of privacy. We give her a large box so the kits can stay in there until they are big enough to wander around. This box also serves her well when they start to move around and she wants to be alone. She can climb on top and watch the kits while having them out of her hair. Rabbits are wonderful pets, but when mama rabbit gets stressed out in the least she will kill her kittens.

These little rabbits are awful cute. We've got three that look similar to Darth, two that are white with black eye patches and ears, and a tiny black one. I love it when there are black kits! I am hoping to have a line of all black rabbits. This was the first litter that produced kits with eye patches. I'm excited about that as well!

We are going to EAT these rabbits eventually. These rex crosses grow a bit slower but are ready to eat around 3-4 months of age. Last month we incorporated a few Californian meat rabbits into the mix. We are hoping to get a bigger rabbit that still has the nice fur.

 Once we have our own place we plan on making a leather floor with the pelts. Well, a combination of solid wood with small squares of leather. The hair itself will probably have to go, we are after all - allergic.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Family

We have been so busy this year.

In February we welcomed a new little marvel into our family, Arthur Ross. He has been such a pleasure to have around. His smiles light up the day and his little toes... well I can`t say I`ve ever seen such precious things!

I can`t wait to have another little child, next time I will have a midwife and give birth at home. The hospital here is quite scary. It was filthy, they didn`t have enough beds for everyone, the nurses didn`t know anything and tried to strap me down. Everyone kept trying to coerce me into taking medication. I am so grateful for my husband and mother, who strengthened me and helped me to remember my wish of a natural birth.

After all that headache little Arthur was born sans medication and we went home before 24 hours were up. Phew.

Despite all the confusion, giving birth was seriously one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I am so excited to be a mother. I am so happy that I can help this young boy turn into who he`s going to be! We love reading together, and he loves to be outside with me, hollering at the chickens!

Lately we have been enjoying bananas, butternut squash, peas and carrots, and hollering. Next month we will be able to butcher a few rabbits, just in time for little Arthur to start eating meat!