Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: Rainshine designs stay-dry night-time fitted diaper

Four washes, that's all it took. We are as of a week ago in dry bed heaven!

We were having a really hard time to find a good night-time option for my son. He has always been very hydrated... and can wet through a triple stuffed (with hemp, and zorb/bamboo inserts) pocket in an hour at times during the day. Needless to say, although he was able to sleep through the night, we still needed to wake him to change his diaper unless we wanted to be soaked by morning!

I began searching for a night-time option. Since I already knew of rainshine designs, and knew that Megan's diapers are always a delight to see and also use, I decided to try her new stay-dry night-time fitted. I am not disappointed!

When I received the package I was so excited that I ripped it open before I got home. (I would insert a picture here but my camera doesn't upload pictures instantly. I am going to buy a new camera soon, and will post pictures of the diaper then!) I got the fitted with rainbow colored snaps, in a medium-long size, which fits like a dream on my long-ish son! (and has lots of room to grow!)

I prepped the diaper, and put it on my son when it was time for bed. I used a one-size blueberry coverall with applix to cover.

So, 3am rolled around, and I was surprised that Arthur hadn't woken up yet, I felt his pajamas and they were dry! So, I didn't change him, we rolled over and slept in to a late 6am. What a nice morning, no leaks!
But, not only were there no leaks, but the outside of this wonderful stay-dry night-time fitted diaper was barely damp. I couldn't believe my luck!

I give this fitted five stars. I don't believe that anything could have worked better for us, and now I will have to purchase more, so that I don't have to wash this one quite so often! I think this diaper is well worth it's $28.00 price tag. I can't wait to try it with a wool cover!

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